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January 2013 

UK postage minimum £3, add 10% over £30, post free over £90

Parabellum Figures



  PARABELLUM 1/48-th Figures
  British Infantry & Tank crew £3.35 each unless noted


Soldier standing pointing with right arm

PMM02 Soldier standing with right arm out stretched
PMM03 Soldier standing wearing great coat with rifle slung
PMM04 Soldier walking wearing great coat carrying rifle
PMM07 Soldier in battle dress receiving light for cigarette
PMM08 Tank crewman offering light
PMM09 Tank crewman standing in battledress and beret
PMM10 Tank crew man in hatch using radio wearing helmet
PMM11 Tank crewman wearing jerkin carrying map
PMM12 Tank crewman wearing jerkin talking
PMM13 Figure in battledress wearing field cap
PMM14 Tank crewman wearing jerkin
PMM15 Tank crewman for hatch taking cigarette packet from pocket
PMM16 Tank crew man for turret hatch wearing beret
PMM17 Tank crewman standing talking wearing beret
PMM18 Tank crewman with arm against tank, wearing jumper and helmet
PMM19 1/2 figure in pixie suit with hood up arms folded            £2.00
PMM20 Pixie suited figure for turret hatch talking with radio
PMM21 Pixie suited figure leaning back on hatch
PMM22 Pixie suited figure with right knee bent leaning on vehicle
PMM23 Pixie suited figure standing passing up shell
PMM24 Pixie suited figure leaning over with shell in arms
PMM25 Pixie suited leaning over for fitting in hatch
PMM26 Figure in jerkin with arm’s crossed
PMM27 Figure in jerkin with arms to side
PMM28 Soldier standing in vest and braces
PMM29 LRDG/Tanker North Africa wearing great coat and woolly hat
PMM30 Tanker in overalls crouching down
PMM31 Bare header figure with arms folded behind wearing undershirt and braces
PMM32 Standing figure in bd and beret with map case in right hand
PMM33 Pixie suited tank commander with hood up speaking into mike
PMM34 Standing figure in BD and webbing wearing beret with hands in pocket
PMM35 Crouching figure in BD with right arm to side
PMM36 Tanker figure lying down in BD and helmet writing into book supported on knee
PMM37 Tanker in BD and beret with binoculars held against chest
PMM38 Bare header tanker in BD pointing to map held in left hand
PMM39 Croching figure in pixie suit
PMM40 Figure in pullover with rag in hands – separate head wearing beret
PMM41 Tanker in bd and beret with 75mm shell in hands
PMM42 Figure drinking tea in shirt and trousers with leg raised for standing on box with separate head wearing helmet
PMM43 Seated tank commander in hatch wearing officers cap and speaking into mike
PMM44A Pixie suited tanker cleaning gun barrel – rear figure
PMM44B Pixie suited tanker cleaning gun barrel – front figure
PMM45 Seated figure in BD with arms resting on knees
PMM46 Figure lying on side in pullover offering cigarettes
PMM47 Infantry figure at attention with rifle held in right hand
PMM48 Seated figure in BD writing in book – head separate wearing beret
PMM49 Figure seated on ground with hands behind head
PMM50 Figure with right leg raised wearing undershirt and beret arms crossed
PMM51 Standing figure with legs crossed and left arm outstretched with palm spread out for resting on object. Wearing jacket and beret
PMM52 Tanker in boiler suit and helmet with arms to sides
  Infantry Section Walking - £3.35 each unless noted
PMM101 Soldier carrying rifle in left hand
PMM102 Radio operator
PMM103 Bren gunner
PMM104 Soldier carrying rifle slung on right shoulder
PMM105 Soldier carrying rifle slung on right shoulder with left hand in pocket
PMM106 Soldier carrying 2” mortar and mortar round case
PMM107 Soldier carrying 2” mortar round cases
  Paratroopers preparing for flight - £4.35 each unless noted
PMPR01 Figure kneeling and stowing sten gun with drop bag and sten gun
PMPR02 Figure seated on the ground drinking tea with drop bag and sten gun
PMPR03 Figure standing wearing beret head turned left with drop bag and smle
PMPR04 Figure standing wearing beret head turned right with drop bag and sten gun
PMPR05 Figure walking wearing helmet with drop bag and sten gun
PMPR06 Figure standing wearing helmet head turned right with drop bag and smle
  Royal Navy Figures £3.35 each unless noted
PMN01 Duffel coated officer with binoculars
PMN02 Duffel coated officer checking watch
PMN03 Duffel coated rating walking
PMN04 Duffel coated rating with hands in pocket
PMN05 Duffel coated rating drinking tea
PMN06 Duffel coated officer with arms outstretched to lean against bridge
PMN07 Rating wearing jumper feeding rope through hands
PMN08 Rating wearing jumper carrying signal flags
PMN09 Rating wearing jumper carrying rope

Rating wearing jumper wearing helmet, arms outstrectehed for carrrying

  RAF Bomber Crew £3.35 each unless noted
PMA01 Kneeling down with head forward wearing life jacket and field service cap
PMA02 Standing officer wearing officers hat and bomber jacket looking at watch
PMA03 Standing figure wearing life jacket and field service cap carrying map
PMA04 Standing figure wearing life jacket and field service cap carrying parachute
PMA05 Standing figure wearing life jacket and field service cap
PMA06 Standing figure wearing life jacket with bare head
PMA07 Kneeling figure wearing life jacket and field service cap with head looking right